Cavity Wall Spray Foam Insulation

Cavity Wall Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating Cavity Walls with Spray Foam Insulation

Are the walls of your home hollow and empty?

You are not alone in this. Many of our homes and buildings have absolutely no insulation.

Builders certainly saved money on materials and labour, but now you are paying huge bills on energy. This is not good.

You need a strong seal within your walls. A tight seal saves money, provides a safer house, less noise and fewer pests.

But you don’t want to take the interior walls down to insulate them either. The ultimate system for the insulation of cavity walls is polyurethane insulation and especially closed cells insulation.

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Whether your project is a renovation or new build, closed cell spray foam made of polyurethane will provide the solution.

Not only does polyurethane foam insulate your cavity walls, but it is the most effective way to save energy and heat in your home.

Spray foam insulation is among the best materials available for insulating the cavity wall, and is the perfect device for insulating the cavity wall.

IFSPRAY provides a polyurethane spray foam cavity wall insulation to customers which is applied by our professional spray foam contractor team.

This will preserve the precious heat inside during the cold months and keep the hot air outside during those warm summer months.

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Is Cavity Wall Insulation Suitable for My Home ?

Are you considering the insulation of the cavity wall, but you are not sure if it is worth it? We’ve got you covered. No need to worry.

Are you aware that according to the Energy Saving Trust, about a third of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls?

Insulation of the cavity wall covers all the holes that can be found between exterior walls in houses, holding the warmth in, saving both energy and money.

But that’s not all, insulating your cavity walls will also help in minimising condensation inside the house, if it’s a problem that comes from outside the walls of your house.

Generally, your property would be suitable for spray foam insulation if it has these criteria:

  • The brickwork or masonry of your house is in good condition;
  • The wall cavity is at least 2 inches wide;
  • The external walls are hollow cavity walls;
  • Your property is more than 20 years old.

Both the entire energy status of a building, as well as the structural integrity of your property, would benefit from cavity spray foam insulation.

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How Expanding Foam Cavity Wall Insulation Works

The expanding foam insulation solution we use at IFSPRAY UK, Icynene, is an eco-friendly spray foam solution that insulates and seals your home or office building.

This is applied by blowing foam through holes carefully created in the surface of the wall. The foam then extends throughout the cavity and stretches across it.

Spray insulation is resistant to moisture and is recommended as a precaution by the Environment Agency to reduce flood damage to walls.

Since foam insulation is water-resistant, it prevents moisture from damaging your property in the event of floods, offering some of the best protection for flood-prone areas.

Once installed, the foam will serve throughout the life of the building, and no further maintenance will be required. It is one of the simplest ways to insulate walls.

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Why Should I use Cavity Spray Foam Insulation ?

The Energy Saving Trust reports savings from efficient cavity wall insulation of up to £225 per annum. Also, it causes minimal downtime, as it is applied from the outside, and provides instant insulation. Certain advantages of using expanding foam insulation with Icynene include:

  • Icynene provides U-value insulation and air sealing, reducing energy loss in your home;
  • Icynene reduces air pollution and provides protection from mould growth;
  • Icynene reduces vibrations and draughts;
  • Icynene increases the structural integrity of the property.

Note though, that filling cavity walls is not your job, you need to hire a professional contractor.

IFSPRAY UK is one of the leading experts in spray foam insulation, and is well placed to insulate your home and its cavity walls.

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Insulation of the cavity wall fills the gaps between the exterior and interior walls. Every part of the wall has to be filled correctly with insulation, so it’s essential that the right installer does it for you.

The contractor drills small holes at intervals in the exterior wall of your home to insulate the cavity walls. Using special equipment, the contractor then blows spray foam into the cavity. Once all the insulation is installed, all the holes in the brickwork are filled in by the installers.

Houses in the UK often either have solid walls or cavity walls: A cavity wall consists of two walls with a space between them, known as the cavity. There is no gap in a solid wall, each wall is a single solid wall, usually made of stone or brick.