External Spray Foam Insulation

External Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating Exterior Walls with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a very common way to keep household interiors warm during the coldest period of the year.

Spray foam is well known for its ease of use and installation on different surfaces of exterior walls.

The air-sealing qualities, the potential to mitigate moisture- and temperature-related problems, and the capacity to improve the efficiency of a wide range of building styles make it suitable for construction projects.

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As a result, this technique is becoming increasingly popular among architects when designing airtight exterior walls.

At Ifspray, we understand the importance of having a home that is energy efficient and moisture proof, particularly here in the UK.

For this reason, we train our installers to the highest level when it comes to spraying any kind of foam insulation.

If you’re thinking of insulating the exterior of your property, spray foam is your best option.

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How Does External Spray Foam Insulation Work ?

External spray foam is literally spray foam applied to the outside of the walls of your house.

One of the main products used for this purpose is polyurethane foam spray, also known as SPF.

The spray foam used in exterior applications is a polyurethane spray foam with closed cells.

This product can be applied to the outside of the wall frame, and then covered with siding, stucco or brick, etc.

Alternatively, SPF can be used with a UV coating added, to protect it from the sun, and serve as both the insulation and siding.

This provides a shield around the system, which reduces or prevents vapour and air leakage.

External spray foam may be added to the current exterior of almost any building, but this is typically done in very few cases.

The external spray foam also reduces energy costs besides creating a solid air barrier, which increases the total efficiency of the property.

Thanks to its lower construction costs and reduction in material waste compared to conventional methods, external spray foam has become more common for commercial design projects.

The foam is also easy to apply to curved or irregular surfaces, which make the external seal much stronger.

What are the Benefits of External Spray Foam Insulation ?

Thermal Insulation

The spray foam forms a thermal insulation barrier which helps to keep the internal temperatures of a building uniform. This allows maintaining a more stable and comfortable temperature, even under extreme conditions outside. Thermal insulation is permanent, minimises recurring cost and has a very low carbon footprint.

Closed Air Barrier

An air barrier is a shield created to hold external air apart from the internal air. Closed cell foam provides the least ventilation of any available building material, so that the air barrier is resistant to external movement and pollutants, while ensuring the highest internal air quality.

Vapour Screen

Closed cell foam serves as an agent that holds back vapours. It helps to create a barrier to vapours. A vapour barrier, while similar to an air barrier, holds off the migration of water vapour that may flow in and cause interstitial condensation. That keeps the structure firm and dry. There are many reasons why investing in external spray foam insulation is such a great idea. However, you can only expect to enjoy these benefits if your insulation is installed by a trained expert. Ifspray has installers and contractors who can handle external spray foam insulation all over the UK. Get in touch to request a quote today.

Professional External Spray Foam Installers in UK

Ifspray UK is a country-wide network of local specialist installers for spray foam insulation. Our team brings knowledge and expertise to every project. One of the things that distinguishes Ifspray from its competitors is our passion for reducing energy use, which is great for the environment.

Contact Ifspray UK today if you are a home builder, have a commercial project, or simply want more information about the benefits of external spray foam. We serve the whole of the UK: from the coast of the North Sea down to the South Coast English Channel.

By choosing Ifspray UK to manage your insulation job, you’ll get the added benefits of a long-established company that prides itself on successfully handling insulation projects across the UK, providing quality of service and workmanship at very competitive rates.

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Thanks to its expansive existence, the spray foam covers all nooks and crannies securely that would otherwise have been left exposed. The resistance value of spray foam, or its ability to provide an airtight seal, has today been ranked as the top product on the market.

External home insulation is the first step that can be added to the interior or exterior walls of a house, but we can suggest that the external walls should always be insulated for the greatest degree of weather-proofing and insulation.