Flat Roof Spray Foam Insulation

Flat Roof Spray Foam Insulation

Flat roofs with little or no insulation fail to meet the increasingly stringent building regulations of today. At Ifspray, we have a spray foam insulation system with special ultimate linings for flat roofs.

The spray foam solution is a complete vapour barrier which immediately prevents leaks, as well as keeping rooms warmer in the winter under the flat roof and cooler in the summer, and furthermore, it reduces noise.

If the spray foam solution is applied, there is no maintenance needed for the flat roof and the roof is guaranteed against leakage for XXX years!

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Why is it Important to Insulate Your Flat Roof ?

Improves Energy Efficiency

An uninsulated roof is a major contributor to energy loss. That's bad for the environment and your wallet, because you end up spending much more on your electricity bills than you need to do. Proper insulation can reduce your energy consumption considerably and can reduce your energy costs by hundreds of pounds a year.

Solves Venting Issues

Insulation reduces venting issues and also provides all the advantages provided by insulation. They are not susceptible to infiltration of moisture and will keep the roof dry, even without a proper ventilation system.

Reduces Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

You have to live with rather uncomfortable room temperatures inside the home when you've got an uninsulated roof.

Prevents Sheathing and Roof Deck from Rotting

Many flat roofs around the UK either have no ventilation at all, or are poorly ventilated. As a result, you'll see a lot of rot and mould when you remove most flat roofs.

Why use Spray Foam to Insulate a Flat Roof ?

Spray foam insulation is in a liquid form until it comes into contact with a surface where it begins to expand from its initial size up to a hundred times. This means the insulation can be sprayed onto the underside of the flat roof to create a solid, water-resistant, and pest-resistant protection barrier.

Another advantage of using this material is that it has the ideal thermal insulation properties with a thin, robust and jointless coating. It adheres to the surface which provides an ideal foundation for the operation of the outermost layer.

In addition to the UV radiation safety coating and liquid water, spray foam insulation defends the roof from adverse environmental conditions, such as rain and wind.

Why Choose us ?

Regardless of the flat roofing system you have, Ifspray has a solution for insulating your roof, particularly if you have a bad roof. Ifspray aims to offer affordable spray foam insulation services while preserving the environment.

We have a number of cutting-edge machines and as we are an approved contractor for Icynene, Lapolla and other top spray foam manufacturers, we would love to put it to work on your roof. So, let Ifspray easily examine your roof and help you to install the most cost-effective insulation for flat roofs available on the market.

Ifspray covers the whole of the UK and we have carried our spray foam installations in cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton, Leeds, Oxford, Newcastle, Brighton and Hove, just to name a few.

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Only two forms of insulation should be used for this process: open-cell spray foam insulation or closed-cell spray foam insulation. The reason is that it is very difficult to ventilate a flat space properly because air generally does not move in a straight line.

Insulating a roof from the inside is technically feasible. It’s actually called the “cold roof” principle. This system has often been used in the past, but is nowadays not recommended. In fact, it can cause long-term damage.

Yes, you can. However, you need to understand that a house with a flat roof is complicated and would require a professional contractor’s services. As expanding foam can create pressure on a house, qualified implementation is needed. Our team will apply the foam safely and expertly, supporting and enhancing the structural integrity of your property, and ensuring proper ventilation is maintained.

For homeowners, spray foam can be applied in internal and external walls, in attics, under floors, on suspended timber floors, in parking garages, roofs, cavity walls, and so on. For commercial buildings, it can be used to control noise, waterproof floors and walls, and much more. In short, spray foam insulation is suitable for use in any occupied structure such as schools, hospitals, agricultural buildings, industrial buildings, shipping containers, boats, and many others.