Pipe Spray Foam Insulation

Pipe Spray Foam Insulation

Pipe Insulation by Ifspray UK

If you want to keep your home safe and dry all year long, you will need to ensure that your pipes are well insulated. That will lessen the risk of the valves freezing and bursting.

Pipe insulation can help to avoid water leakage as a result of split pipes. Spray foam insulation is the perfect way to insulate the pipes in your house. It is a long-lasting and efficient form of insulation that can keep your pipes well sealed while still reducing the expense of your energy bill.

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At Ifspray UK, we are renowned throughout the country for the high-quality spray foam insulation that we provide for pipes of any sort. Once you’ve lined your pipes with spray foam, you can be confident of clear and robust pipework that won’t freeze or burst, regardless of weather conditions.

What are the Benefits of Pipe Insulation ?

For many homes, frozen pipes represent a big concern. Any of the pipes in your home may be more susceptible to freezing than others, depending on their location. Exposed drains, pipes in unheated places, pipes on exterior walls or other piping on the outside of the building may be more likely to freeze than any pipes inside your home.

Although various steps may be taken to protect exterior plumbing and pipework, an investment in spray foam pipe insulation from Ifspray UK is one way to keep the internal pipes in your home from freezing during the cold winter months.

Insulation can help protect the pipes in the following ways:

  • avoid overflowing or frozen pipes
  • minimise the risk of water freezing in pipes
  • prevent leakage and runoff from pipes
  • mitigate heat loss from pipes
  • remove condensation on pipes
  • save energy by shutting down water heaters
  • save money on electricity costs.

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Why use Spray Foam Insulation for Your Pipes ?

Spray foam insulation consists of two ingredients which are put together under pressure. They increase their original size by up to 60 times when sprayed, and give a thick and extremely solid substance that does not let air pass through it.

But the advantages don’t end there.

  • Spray foam can be used when it comes to pipes in all sorts of applications too. Specifically, it can be used in hard-to-reach places or where the tubing is hidden.
  • Spray foam clings to almost any substance, and coats the surface of the tubing better than most materials.
  • Spray foam will usually provide insulation to the walls, while also supplying extra protection for pipes.
  • Spray foam is rigid and solid, and will protect the pipes from harm and other influences.
  • The spray foam also provides a fantastic acoustic shield if the pipes are noisy.
  • You can use spray foam retrospectively, which means that the job can be completed after the house has been built, rather than during the building process, if you so wish.
  • Spray foam is completely waterproof. Thus, even though the pipes may leak slowly, the foam stops a leak from getting worse. However, before you start any job, all leaking pipes should be fixed.

A professional contractor is recommended to do any spray foam insulation around your house. Therefore, if you need pipe spray foam insulation, you should definitely call us.

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How is Pipe Spray Foam Insulation Done ?

We can use two distinct materials to insulate your piping. The first component is known as open-cell spray foam which can only be used indoors.

This spray foam traps air inside the cells to form a membrane that isolates and protects. Because it is generally cheaper than closed-cell spray foam, it is a good option for insulating indoor pipes.

Spray foam insulation is fairly easy and quick to install, and can be applied to tight areas without much trouble, making it a popular option to insulate pipes in hard to reach locations.

The next kind of spray foam that we sell is called spray foam with closed cells. This spray foam isn’t as expansive as open-cell spray foam. It’s much denser and heavier and can be used as an outdoor covering.

Closed-cell spray foam is an excellent way to insulate pipes outside the house, as it provides some protection from both moisture and cold air.

Whether your house or garage needs an update to the insulation, Ifspray would be the local experts to call for all your home insulation needs.

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