Roof Spray Foam Insulation

Roof Spray Foam Insulation

Protect Your Home from Heat Loss via the Roof of Your House

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) as a fairly cheap and easy way to install a type of insulation that has been around for decades.

Usually applied to the attic roof and walls, it spreads and hardens once sprayed.

Two forms exist: open-cell, which is cheaper, and closed-cell which is less water-permeable. The idea is simply that it keeps your home at a safe temperature and prevents the loss of energy, thereby reducing your bills.

While deciding to use spray foam to insulate the roof of your home, is a choice that needs to be made with great care, it can also be one that pays major long-term dividends.

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And once you’ve made the decision to use spray foam technology to insulate the roof of your house, the next move is to get experts to get the job done correctly.

At IFSPRAY, we supply and install roof spray foam insulation all over the UK. You are guaranteed a well-done job when we work on the roof of your house. This installation will support you for the lifetime of your house.

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What is Spray Foam Roof Insulation ?

Spray foam roof insulation is a substance that is sprayed as a liquid, causing it to turn into a foam, forming a sturdy layer over an existing roof.

The typical spray foam application is to restore and revitalise an existing roof by removing the damaged areas, replacing them with similar materials, and then spraying foam over the entire roof.

Although SPF roofing is not very well known, the technology for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities has been around since the early 1960s.

An SPF roofing system can be used in any environment, and can last for more than 50 years when properly designed and maintained.

Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation on all types of buildings and facilities is the latest solution to roofing and protection problems.

IFSPRAY specialises in the design and installation of foam insulation systems, customised for your particular job type or issue.

We conduct roof and building insulation work for all types of properties, from domestic homes to large commercial warehouses.

What are the Advantages of Roof Spray Foam Insulation ?

Spray foam insulation deployed with Icynene can offer more energy savings than any other roof insulation on the market, by more than 50%.

Icynene expands, filling all cavities and voids, preventing leaks or penetration of air into your house. In both new and existing homes, the spray foam insulation system is the most appropriate type of insulation for your attic, loft area or roof.

Icynene spray foam is ideal for homes with various challenging areas for insulation and air sealing, such as 1.5 storey and dormer homes.

In these particular cases, traditional insulating materials do not provide the same level of efficiency and, crucially, will not provide the high degree of air tightness that Icynene provides.

Since spray foam provides a full seal, it also acts as a valuable barrier to moisture even if the roof of your house springs even a slight leak. Closed-cell spray foam is water-repellent, greatly reducing the chance of water leakage.

Here at IFSPRAY UK, we carry out insulation work on many domestic, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK, delivering significant improvements in thermal insulation and reducing heating bills in buildings of all shapes and dimensions.

Using spray foam insulation, rather than more traditional methods, we can apply insulation to virtually any form of material in virtually any situation, allowing us to provide superior insulation and draught-proofing for the owners or tenants of buildings, with minimal disruption.

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Finding the Right Contractor in Your Area

You want to make sure you find a reliable contractor when it comes to spray foam insulation on any part of your property.

Unlike conventional roofing installation, an installer requires knowledge of the chemicals and application techniques to install an SPF roof. Installation requires strong technological know-how and experience.

IFSPRAY is a UK-based, experienced and verified spray foam insulation company with years of experience of insulating houses and commercial properties throughout the country.

We provide roof spray foam insulation all over the country including in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Coventry, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, and Brighton. In fact, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom: from the North Sea Coast down to the English Channel on the South Coast.

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