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If your loft is insulated but you still experience extreme temperatures inside your home, it might be time to install or upgrade your wall insulation.

Wall insulation can prevent heat from escaping from your home in winter, or from coming into your home in summer. It will make your home more energy efficient, lower your energy bills and ensure that you feel more comfortable all year round.

Investing in spray foam insulation for the walls of your home is probably the best thing you can do, not just for your comfort but also for the value of your property.

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Here, at Ifspray UK, we have installed spray foam insulation in more than XXX homes around the UK. The results are nothing short of amazing. Spray foam will insulate the walls, reducing the energy consumption and monthly costs, while also supplying your building with structural integrity.

To find out how you can enjoy these outstanding features, please contact Ifspray UK on 02380970979 to speak with one of our experts.

What are the Benefits of Wall Spray Foam Insulation ?

The use of spray foam insulation in your house has many advantages. The most relevant of these is to make your building instantly more energy-efficient.

Other benefits include:

  • Foam fills in hard-to-reach corners and crevices
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Seals buildings
  • Provides a barrier to moisture
  • Protects residents from mould, airborne pollutants and allergens
  • Improves air quality.

Spray foam insulation makes sense in LOCATIONXX and our technicians are specialists in spray foam insulation. Ifspray is the right choice if you are trying to insulate your home in a way that protects your family from dust, mould and allergens.

Spray foam insulation can reduce the cost of heating and cooling, as well as overall energy consumption. The insulation materials are sprayed onto the surface and attach to just about everything with which they come into contact.

The effect is even, extensive insulation that will continue to work for years to come. Cracks and crevices are filled in, securing the house from rodents, pests and other small animals.

Our Wall Spray Foam Insulation Process

We conduct a thorough inspection before starting any project. This helps Ifspray to recognise what kind of spray foam you’re going to need and whether it needs to be an open- or closed-cell system. It also allows us to scale the project and schedule it accordingly.

We will assess the existing insulation you have in place and carry out a variety of tests. Such assessments are helpful in letting us know how to handle the project in question. We will then continue to provide a complete report for it.

We begin the process of installing your high-quality wall insulation at the installation stage. We would have agreed in advance on a date for professional and expert arrival and performance of the services.

Lastly, we are doing a follow-up to make sure you are satisfied with the results. We want to make sure that it is to your taste and standards.

Why Choose Ifspray for Your Wall Spray Foam Insulation ?

Ifspray is an owner-operated business and we are therefore proud of the credibility that we have managed to develop over the years, following consistently successful installations and happy customers over the course of XXX years.

We have installers everywhere in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Coventry, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton, etc. In fact, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom: from the North Sea Coast down to the English Channel on the South Coast.

We have completed a number of projects, from residential to commercial properties and our pledge to you is that we only install quality materials to the highest standards, ensuring that what we install in your home keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Spray foam has one of the highest R-values anywhere it is mounted. This high-performance material brings balance to your house, resulting in saving money on high energy charges and much better levels of comfort.

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We look forward to bringing enhanced comfort to your home, while reducing your energy expenses considerably.

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Thanks to the way it is applied, the spray foam securely covers all nooks and crannies that would otherwise have been left exposed. The resistance value of the spray foam, or its capacity to create an airtight seal, is rated at R-6. It is the highest rating on the market today.

Spray foam insulation attracts no mould. And unlike metal or wood, the spray foam does not rot, rust or decay. It ensures that an area correctly sprayed with foam insulation would never become a source of food or a hospitable atmosphere for a colony of moulds.

Insulation can be added to your walls without removal by drillings holes into the siding. From the outside, spray foam or cellulose is then blown into the walls via a 1-inch to 2-inch hole cut between the studs at the top of the wall, and the insulation is then sprayed into the hole using a hose.