Boat Spray Foam Insulation

Why Insulate your Boat ?

Natural condensation can be an irritating problem in a sailing boat as any boat owner knows. The temperature of water at the boundary layer, at the dew level, causes condensation. The boundary layer on a boat is the inside surface of an uninsulated, or under-insulated, hull or deck. By adding insulation and ensuring that the insulation is applied so that its surface area is above that of the dew point, condensation can be avoided.

You can increase the thermal resistance — or R-value — of your boat by applying the appropriate layer or depth of insulation to a hull or to a deck. That means you no longer need to be concerned about condensation, especially when approaching extreme temperatures.

When the outside world is cold and damp, you can remain warm and dry belowdecks; conversely, when the outside world is oppressively hot, you remain cooler and drier inside. Boosting the R-value would minimise thermal losses and thus minimise the demands and costs for heating-fuel.

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How do you Insulate Your Boat ?

The ideal option for insulating vessels is spray foam insulation.

This is added to boats to hold in heat, to reduce internal moisture, and to ward off the ill effects of mould and rot.

Spray foam has been widely used in the marine industries for many years, particularly for the isolation of aluminium and steel ships, yachts, trawlers, barges and narrow boats.

The closed cell design of the material does not readily absorb water and the fact that it can easily resolve the challenges presented by isolating the curved surfaces of a vessel’s hull makes it ideally suited for this particular use.

Ifspray UK can carry out boat spray foam insulation, an expanding spray foam that fills every hole and crevice, whether it is made of metal, plastic or wood.

At Ifspray we understand what our boat and marine customers need and take into account every form of requirement when installing spray foam insulation for vessels.

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Why use Spray Foam for Boat Insulation ?

Icynene spray foam is the top choice when you are thinking about boat insulation. It has far superior characteristics that provide an airtight barrier which means you can maintain an acceptable temperature below decks. The open cell structure provides an airtight surface against moisture that is caused by leaks or splashes, making spray foam insulation the ideal solution for the needs of your boat.

Lcynene is the most cost-effective method of spray foam insulation, which will save you money when you insulate any kind of boat and prevent condensation from building up. Owing to the way spray foam is deployed during the construction, it is recommended that only an expert perform this procedure.

Ifspray has successfully completed numerous projects in the area of boat insulation and our customers agree that spray foam insulation is the ideal solution they were looking for. Looking to make your boat more comfortable and warmer? Then get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Benefits of Boat Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits associated with spray foam boat insulation are as follows:

  • It helps to prevent very hot or very cold conditions below decks.
  • Reduces noise and vibration, such as those caused by motors.
  • Prevents condensation from developing on the boat’s hull and deck surfaces.
  • It is very durable, and can last for the lifetime of the boat.
  • It performs extremely well in humid atmospheres because it has a closed cell structure, meaning that it is virtually waterproof.
  • It does not rot and smell when exposed to sunlight.
  • It is compatible with all electrical wiring.

The combined effect of all of these factors and benefits makes it an increasingly common option in general, especially in relation to current climate change issues, energy-saving strategies, regular fuel shortages and price increases.

Note however, it is certainly not recommended for the amateur to apply spray foam insulation. Only professional engineers can apply it in the right amounts and in the correct manner.

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Why use Ifspray Boat Spray Foam Insulation ?

By choosing Ifspray UK to insulate your boat, you will obtain the added benefits of a long-established business that prides itself on successfully managing insulation projects across the UK, providing quality of service and workmanship at very competitive rates. We have installers throughout the UK and have been employed in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff Sheffield, Coventry, Southampton, Portsmouth, etc.

In fact, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom – from the North Sea Coast down to the English Channel on the South Coast. We will work with you to fully evaluate and understand your requirements, so that we can provide you with a well-insulated boat, making the environment of your vessel warmer and healthier than before we started the work.

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