Garage Spray Foam Insulation

Parking Garage Spray Foam Insulation

Should you Insulate your Garage ?

Well-designed garages need excellent insulation to ensure that the properties they are connected to, such as multi-storey residential buildings and shopping centres, meet the required standards and expectations.

To prevent heat and noise from passing through the parking ceiling, thermal and sound insulation is required and fire resistance is required to avoid structural instabilities that can be caused by heat from a fire.

Insulation of the parking garage in multi-purpose buildings, where parking garages are constructed under residential or commercial areas, is essential to living comfort and safety.

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Good insulation guarantees good levels of comfort in adjacent properties and helps to maintain a steady temperature in the occupied rooms’ ground floor.

Whether you are looking to cut energy costs in your property or make the parking garage as comfortable and as safe as possible, our Ifspray UK experts can help you with all your needs for garage insulation.

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What are the Parking Garage Insulation Options Available ?

For your garage insulation plans to work, you will need the best insulation, not to mention you will also have to make it work for your budget. Things to consider include:

  • the age and condition of your garage, the style of construction and whether you want to insulate the roof, walls, or even the garage door/s.
  • If the garage is constructed with modern construction (in the last 20 years), most air leaks are likely already sealed.
  • However, poor construction, time and the weather all make it worse when it comes to older garages.

It is important to choose the right material when designing any form of insulation. We recommend spray foam, because it is a commodity that provides benefits in terms of both comfort and energy efficiency. It also aids in insulating even the hardest areas to reach. Spray Foam Isolation is a well-known and established material which makes every space more comfortable.

It may be more costly to use spray foam insulation than traditional insulation, but it is a long-term investment. You don’t need to renew it. This is because it provides comfortable temperatures, mould and moisture prevention and fire retardant action throughout the lifetime of your property. If you’ve already made up your mind and require a UK-based spray foam insulation company, call Ifspray. Someone will get in touch with you to talk about the insulation needs of your property.

What are the Benefits of Garage Spray Foam Insulation ?

Lower Garage Heating and Cooling Bills

You may not realise that if your garage is not insulated, you stand to lose a lot of heat from your property in the winter. In the summer, the opposite is true, as heat from the outside makes it easier to invade attached properties. After all, living and working spaces are most often attached directly above or next to the attached garage, which means it's important to keep the temperature in the garage as comfortable as possible for energy saving in your home.

Boost Garage Comfort

If you use the space for anything other than parking cars, it is important to have some comfort and this is possible with insulation. The garage is great for working out, enjoying your hobbies or setting up a home office. However, this is only feasible if there is insulation in the garage.

Reduce Noise Coming in from Outside.

Sound control is especially important when you're near a busy street or near a major intersection. If people spend a lot of time in the garage, insulation helps reduce the noise from outside. Insulation will even help to keep garage noise from filtering through into any attached living or office space.

Enhance Inside Space

If cars are only parked in the garage, you might not care what the garage looks like from the inside, but if you use the space in a different way, a more appealing interior may be a priority. The energy savings, damp and moisture control and improved comfort afforded by spray foam exceeds all traditional applications. No wonder countless number of homeowners and businesses are using it. To join them, simply contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.


Spray foam is outstanding both for R-value and reduction in noise. While it may be overkill for small garage projects, as it is a high-end material usually used for energy-efficient construction,  if you are turning the garage into living space or commercial garage space, it could make sense.

You don’t have to insulate the entire building; you might do fine insulating only the garage’s inner wall. By installing insulation between the attached usable space and the garage, you can experience greater comfort in the adjacent areas of the property.