Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation or polyurethane foam spray (SPF) is an alternative to conventional fibreglass building insulation.

It is a blend of isocyanate and polyol resin that expands as a foam when sprayed onto surfaces such as roofs, tiles, concrete slabs, wall cavities, or into holes drilled into wall cavities.

The use of spray foam insulation such as Icynene, Lapolla, and Walltite as insulation for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings provides a wide variety of advantages to the architect, designer, and homeowner that eventually have a favourable effect on the occupant of the building.

Below are the main benefits of using spray foam insulation for building insulation.

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Add Sturdiness to Your Structures

Insulation with spray foam will give power to your walls and to your roof. This is a benefit you can’t get if you use fibreglass insulation for your walls or roofs, which will add nothing to structural integrity. The ability of fibreglass to act as a sound barrier is also very poor. But choosing a closed-cell spray foam insulation option will reduce noise from outside while adding protection to the internal structure.

Once it is properly installed, spray foam will add up to 250% racking power to the roof or walls.

Protects Your Building

Spray foam insulation products such as AirTight spray foam insulation by Lapolla has many safety benefits for the house. One, it limits air circulation, which prevents the retention of moisture in such a way that the risk of mould growth is drastically reduced.

Another big advantage of insulating your property with spray foam, is that it helps prevent rodents and other pests from coming into your house. When the spray foam has solidified it would make it impossible for pests of all sorts to enter your home from the already enclosed areas.

Reduce Utility bills for Homeowners

The polyurethane spray foam insulation system is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution you can install in your home or place of work. Although this form of insulation is more costly than conventional forms of insulation, such as natural or glass-wool, polystyrene slabs or expanded polystyrene (EPS), the advantages of foam spray insulation will potentially save you money on your energy bills.

When using spray foam insulation for your structure, you will save a large amount of money on your heating and cooling needs. In fact, if you install this product without any existing insulation in a home or company, then the cost benefits are automatically equal to 50%.

Eliminates Air Leaks and Draughts

Any spaces in your home or workplace can have air leaks or the irritating draughts that seem to just reach you everywhere you are. Ever wondered what you should do in this respect? You’re right, spray foam insulation! Spray foam is a cure for air leaks and draught problems. We plug all the holes and cracks located in your home (or any other building) to avoid irritating draughts.

Reduces Noise

For those who value privacy, spray foam insulation is a great and safe idea. Open-cell spray foam is a great sound insulation. It blocks noise better than any other type of insulation and prevents airflow. And you don’t have to worry about condensation either, because it prevents moisture from flowing through it, so water and any potential moulds, mildew or fungi won’t be a problem.

Say Goodbye to Allergens and Pollen

One of the great advantages of spray foam insulation is that it prevents pollen or allergens from coming through the walls.

Because spray foam enters holes and crevices, the air cannot enter the walls, as it does for other types of insulation. By doing that, the number of allergens reaching the building is reduced – this is especially vital for those suffering from asthma or breathing problems. Less air getting in means fewer sneezes.

On the strength of these advantages, workplaces insulated with spray foam make employees happy and more efficient and it will save you money on medical costs for your family, too.

Remains Active Even in Wet Conditions

Usually, when you experience a bad leak or your house is exposed to flooding of some kind, your wall insulation needs to be removed and replaced. That’s unless your insulation is spray foam. Spray foam is impermeable to water and maintains its insulating ability irrespective of how wet the weather is.

Effective Moisture Barrier

Joints, holes, and seams within your walls and crawling space will cause more air to enter the house. Water and humidity can penetrate through exposed cracks and holes to these areas if not properly sealed. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is waterproof, ensuring that it does not trap water like fibreglass or cellulose do. Spray foam won't allow the passage of water in the case of floods or water infiltration.

Higher R-Value

Sprayed polyurethane foam has an R-value of approximately 6.0 per 1-inch thickness (higher values have been obtained based on the specific composition and application), allowing it to use less material of greater thermal tolerance than any other kind of consumer insulation material. SPF systems are used for the insulation and safety of a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Does Spray Foam Last Longer Than Traditional Insulation?

Closed-cell spray foam has an indefinite shelf life. This helps households and companies to enjoy the value of their spray foam insulation for years on end. Investing in spray foam can save money for families and companies over an entire lifecycle, due to the potential to remain operational and at an optimum level for the entire lifespan.

There is Simply no Better Home Insulating Material

As you can see, spray foam is definitely much better than any traditional alternative. There is simply no better home insulating material that will seal your house from air and moisture infiltration, save on high energy bills, secure your home and safeguard the safety of your family from harmful moulds, airborne contaminants, and allergens, than spray foam insulation.

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