LAPOLLA Spray Foam Insulation

Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a global supplier and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation, reflective roofing and equipment, based in Houston. Lapolla Inc. was the first in the world to market innovative spray foam insulation technology and elastomeric roof coatings.

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Lapolla Spray Foam Products

Lapolla spray foam insulating materials will effectively seal your home off from the intrusion of moisture and air, save on high utility bills and help protect your family’s health from allergens, airborne pollutants, and mould.


FOAM-LOK 2000 is a lightweight, flexible, and durable insulation solution that ensures maximum energy cost savings and energy efficiency performance. Closed-cell spray foam insulation offers energy savings of up to 40% when properly installed.

The solid structure of FOAM-LOK 2000 seals the building envelope, offering great water-resistance to a moisture barrier, thermal barrier, and an air barrier. The closed-cell spray foam density is about two kilos per cubic foot. The foam (medium density) provides sheer and shock resistance to wall assemblies in construction applications.

FOAM LOK 2000 4G

Lapolla continues to be at the cutting edge of technology by incorporating a futuristic blowing agent into their closed-cell spray foam insulation products. The new technology leads to the superior performance of the foam, with benefits such as enhanced insulating properties, increased yield, and the reduction of environmental risks made possible by reducing carbon emissions and the potential for global warming.

This unparalleled breakthrough has the added advantages of a low core temperature ensuring protection, as well as exceptional dimensional stability, user-friendly sprayability and cost savings achieved through increased yield and lower labour costs.


This open-cell spray foam insulation system is ideal for crawl spaces, attics, and interior spaces that do not need an ignition barrier. The high yield, low density and low VOC properties make it the first choice for a contractor.

The additional benefits of FOAM-LOK 450 include improved moisture reduction and noise attenuation. In addition, the ability of the substance to seal the envelope securely eliminates fluctuations in temperature and the presence of hot and cold pockets within the space, significantly improving indoor comfort and ensuring energy saving.

Foam LOK 500

Foam-LOK 500 is ideal for a variety of building envelope applications, including use in attics, ceilings (including the cathedral and vaulted styles), floors, and walls. The material works by forming a completely sealed air barrier in wall cavities and can be utilised to fill 2” x 6” stud wall construction in a single application.

The water-blown technology of the insulation material, as well as the catalysts that are non-emissive, are added benefits to the environment.

Why Choose Lapolla Insulation Products ?

Air moves through every gap, crevice and crack throughout the house. Approximately 33% of air moves through floors, ceilings, and walls. To achieve optimum building efficiency, the installation of an advanced insulation system is required. Lapolla is that advanced system of insulation.

Lapolla spray foam insulation will maximise the investment of a homeowner by sealing the building envelope to avoid the indoor air conditioning from leaking and stop unconditioned air from coming in. Air movement into and out of a home is a primary cause of high energy bills.

Mechanical systems which heat and cool buildings are operating continuously. Mitigating sudden temperature variations saves mechanical systems from overuse and results in lower energy costs. Other benefits of Lapolla insulation include:


Because you install Lapolla spray foam insulation, you will notice that your house is more comfortable than ever before as drafts are eliminated. The seal created by the installation of spray foam will help to reduce cold and hot spots inside the home because the cracks are sealed. This contributes to an even temperature within your house. If your home is close to a noisy area, you will no longer have to suffer with annoying noise levels as the spray foam seal also helps to reduce the noise effect.


Airtight spray foam insulation by Lapolla has many safety advantages for the house. This limits air movement, which prevents the accumulation of moisture in such a way that the risk of mould growth is less likely. A huge benefit of insulating spray foam is that it helps prevent pests from coming into your dwelling. When the spray foam has solidified, pests of all sorts will find it difficult to come into your house, because all the access areas are now sealed.

Saves Energy and Money

Spray foam insulation will help save you and your household money on an annual basis. The spray foam will trap air inside the property to help prevent heat loss, making it easier to warm up your home in winter and save you money. If you decide to put your home up for sale in the future, buyers would consider your home a more enticing option because it offers this as an added benefit.

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Do you need an installer for Lapolla spray foam in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Coventry, Southampton, Portsmouth, Kirklees, Stockport, Sandwell, Leicester, Plymouth or elsewhere in the UK? IfSprayfoam Insulation provides insulation services for Lapolla in all areas of the UK and can help with your project.

The guaranteed performance data of Lapolla Insulation is absolutely unrivalled in the industry and keeps saving consumers money year after year for the lifetime of the building. As a premium Lapolla spray foam insulation contractor, we can advise you on any size of commercial or residential building and we can install the system. This is combined with the ability to meet strict passive house specifications, resulting in ultra-low energy buildings requiring less energy for heating or cooling in rooms.

There is a wide range of buildings within the commercial sector and IfSprayfoam can insulate them all, whether it be storerooms, metal buildings, commercial barns, warehouses, and factories, our spray foam insulation will adhere to all surfaces.

IfSprayfoam Insulation can insulate many farm buildings including workshops, animal and livestock feed storage, crop storage, and barns. Our Lapolla spray foam products can be used for stonework, wood and even metal applications. We understand the needs of our farm clients and we take into account every type of building.


Definitely not. As most Lapolla spray foam products are considered chemically inert, they don’t change over time, either chemically or physically.

Lapolla spray foams are considered environmentally preferred products due to their air sealing properties that contribute to improved indoor air quality, reduced energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Lapolla ‘s open-cell spray foam insulation solution allows vapour molecules to travel via the foam. This means that any moisture in the concrete or timber of the building will escape through isolation as the building dries out, removing moisture that could cause mould or rot. Lapolla ‘s closed-cell spray foam insulation materials can resist bulk water and prevent moisture transfer that can cause mould.