What is WALLTITE ?

WALLTITE is a sealing insulation device based on sprayed polyurethane foam, which is an ideal solution for increasing the energy efficiency of different building styles.

Developed by BASF, WALLTITE is suitable for roofs, internal walls and floors, and provides a seamless airtight solution that is applied as a spray, unlike traditional insulating materials.

WALLTITE spray foam makes a major contribution to building occupants’ healthy indoor conditions by providing a draught-free atmosphere and reducing the total heat loss rate from a house.

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WALLTITE spray insulation provides superior efficiency for the building owner, because of the combination of insulation and total airtightness.

WALLTITE is only mounted by professionals verified by BASF. A national Licensed Contractors network, of which IFSPRAY is a part, is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

Benefits of WALLTITE

WALLTITE is a continuous spray foam that can be easily applied and repaired. The effect is a low permeability, airtight building shell, without the need for additional materials.

Other advantages include:

  • Achieving minimum U-values, with thermal conductivity as low as 0.025 W/mk;
  • Air tightness, with smooth insulation without cracks or holes;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • One product with many applications;
  • Development of a safe indoor environment.

The closed-cell structure of the WALLTITE polyurethane foam helps to regulate the flow of vapour and moisture in the house.

WALLTITE is durable over the lifetime of the building, and can also prolong the life of the building as it protects against the premature corrosion of building materials.

Where can WALLTITE be Used ?

Internal Wall Insulation

Usually, WALLTITE interior wall insulation consists of four layers: substratum wall, stud, WALLTITE spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and facade plate.

Compared to other internal panel insulation or loose filling insulation materials, WALLTITE internal insulation has the following advantages:

  • Maximum usable indoor space due to its low thermal conductivity which translates into the lowest insulation thickness to achieve the same R value compared to other commonly used insulation materials;
  • Applied insulation with self-adhesive spray requires no substratum wall binder, which saves material and allows for quick construction.

External Wall Insulation

Usually, WALLTITE insulation for exterior walls consists of five layers: substratum wall, WALLTITE spray polyurethane foam, primer, AR mesh embedded anti-crack polymer mortar and insulation levelling mortar.

Compared to external insulation systems for external wall panels, the WALLTITE external wall insulation system has the following advantages:

  • Higher R value due to low thermal conductivity;
  • Thermal insulation content that turns to char without melting while burning;
  • Self-adhesive insulation with no binder needed;
  • Stronger adhesion to the substratum, best suited for coastal areas with high negative air pressure;
  • Smooth insulation best suited for curved or complicated exterior wall construction.

WALLTITE is designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings where insulation is needed.

This can be used in exterior, cavity and base walls, between steel or wood framing, under floor slabs, in cantilevered areas and in specialised applications.

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