Top Spray Foam Insulation Brands

We all know spray foam insulation is the key to creating an air seal that helps you save costs due to low energy bills, and we have concluded that spray foam products can be used in a wide variety of applications, from building insulation to window and door insulation. We’ve gathered and put together a list of some of the leading spray foam brands on the market today.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation ?

Spray foam insulation is a form of insulation that is sprayed with a gun. Spray foam insulation can be blown into floors, attic surfaces, concrete slabs, and walls to insulate and reduce air leakage.

Smaller cavities can also be filled with spray foam, to create a powerful air barrier. Foam usually expands its liquid volume between 30 and 60 times after being sprayed. It offers excellent air penetration resistance (unlike blankets and batts that can leave air pockets and bypasses, superior to loose-fill types). On the other hand, spray foam insulation costs can be higher than conventional insulation. Most foams, except cementitious foams, emit harmful fumes while burning during a fire.

What are the Two Types of Spray Foam Insulation ?

Closed-cell foam

This is considered a safer and better insulator. Its high-density cells are packed with a gas that makes the foam grow to fill gaps around it. Closed-cell foam is very solid and strengthens the isolated base.

Open-cell foam

Its foam cells are not as compact and packed with air, giving the isolation a spongy feel. Open-cell foam is transparent, allowing water vapour and liquids to enter the insolation. Open-cell foams also allow structural wood to breathe and are highly efficient as a sound barrier.

Top spray foam insulation brands include :

Icynene Spray Foam

Icynene Inc. was founded in 1986 and provides a wide range of high-performance spray foam insulation solutions. In the past 25 years, Icynene insulation has been installed on more than 3 billion board feet in all styles of homes and industrial buildings.

The products for Icynene spray foam insulation include open-cell and closed-cell applications. When installed in an office or a home environment, Icynene spray foam insulation has an immediate effect on comfort levels and energy bills for our customers. Icynene brands have been thoroughly maintained and tested in a number of categories to increase efficiency, including:

  • Energy performance;
  • Sound transmission;
  • Emissions;
  • And more.

The growing range of products from Icynene for residential foam insulation has been designed to meet energy quality, performance and budgetary objectives. Plus, their solutions for residential foam insulation are expected to deliver for the life span of the building. To meet improvements in building codes and performance specifications, the high-performance foam insulation portfolio is constantly growing.

While its foam insulation products of light density are better suited for indoor use, Icynene foam insulation of medium density is ideal for use in both outdoor and indoor applications.

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Lapolla Spray Foam

Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a multinational supplier and producer of spray polyurethane foam insulation products based in Houston. Lapolla spray foam insulating materials will seal your home off from the intrusion of air and moisture, save on high energy bills, and help protect the health of your family from mould, airborne toxins, and allergens.

Air moves through every hole, crack, and crevice within and out of a home. Approximately 33% of air moves through walls, ceilings and floors. To achieve optimum building performance, the addition of an advanced insulation system is required. Lapolla is the advanced form of insulation.

Lapolla spray foam insulation will optimise the expenditure of a homeowner by closing the building envelope to prevent conditioned indoor air from leaking out and prevent the entry of unconditioned air into a home. Air movement in and out of a house is a leading cause of rising energy bills. Since mechanical systems which heat and cool buildings are running continuously to reduce extreme temperature fluctuations, Lapolla saves the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to lower energy bills.

Lapolla’s closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation, roof coatings, and wall coatings include



The WALLTITE ® solution, developed by BASF Canada, increases the efficiency of building insulation to another level. It was rolled out internationally in selected core markets. WALLTITE ® is an airtight insulation system based on spray polyurethane foam, which is an ideal solution for improving the energy efficiency of different building types. WALLTITE is a violet, closed-cell, medium density, spray-applied polyurethane foam that meets CAN/ULC S705.1 requirements. Inside the building envelope, WALLTITE offers several functions including a radon/soil gas barrier, drainage plane, water barrier, insulation, vapour barrier, air barrier network, air barrier content, and humidity proofing in applications of lesser quality. WALLTITE CM01 has a mineral wool batt insulation similar to GWP and slightly lower than semi-stiff mineral wool and XPS.

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A spray-applied, closed-cell polyurethane foam solution that blends superior insulation qualities with no air permeability in one application to enhance building longevity, comfort, energy efficiency, health, and safety for the occupants.

Icynene spray foam lacks damaging blowing agents such as HFAs, HCFCs, or HFCs. In addition, the majority of Icynene spray foam insulating materials is completely water-blown to enhance the atmosphere. The principal source of its ingredients is organic substances from petroleum extract.