Buying a Spray Foam Insulation kit

Buying a Spray Foam Insulation kit

Spray foam is one of the most valuable products to have on hand for spray foam insulation experts, DIYers, and homeowners. Since it has amazing insulation properties, it is most widely used for protection against unpredictable weather conditions. It is easy to install and more efficient than cellulose and fibreglass insulation materials. Whether you’re attempting DIY foam insulation or you are a professional spray foam enthusiast or expert, it’s not always easy to choose the best spray foam package for your project. This guide on the insulation spray foam kits being reviewed here will help you make the right choice.

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What are the Things you need to Consider Before Buying a Spray Foam Insulation Kit ?

Insulation Needs

The first step in selecting the best spray foam insulating package is to understand the specific needs for insulation. Is it to insulate against hot weather, cold weather or both? Is this meant for the basement, attic or the garage? Are you just filling the gaps left over after setting up a new central air conditioning system, or is it to protect the house from extreme weather? Understanding your specific insulation needs will help you to choose the right spray foam kit for your project.


The R-value of the foam that you pick is dependent on the characteristics, thickness and density of the foam. In certain situations, age, temperature and exposure to humidity can also affect the R-value. Open-cell foam, for example, has a lower R-value per inch compared with closed-cell foam. This is one of the reasons why closed-cell foam is safer for extreme climate regions.


The efficacy of your insulating spray kit is defined in different ways. Does it hold on to moisture? Will it bloc out heat and cold? Does that offer the coverage you had hoped for? The definition of spray foam efficiency will vary from one homeowner to the next, depending on the needs of the insulation. Therefore, always consider your priorities.

Spray Foam Type

Choosing your type of spray foam means deciding between open- and closed-cell spray foam kits. Each kind has a set of advantages and disadvantages and one is not better than the other. It all depends on why you need to install insulation. Closed-cell foam is denser and less robust, whereas open-cell foam is lightweight and can expand from its original size up to a hundred times. Closed-cell foam is more durable and has the potential to add to the structural integrity of your home. It also acts as a barrier against water and condensation, because the foam is completely impermeable.

Open-cell foams also have their own advantages. This foam type offers remarkable expansion functionalities, so it is great to insulate and fill holes, crannies and nooks that need to be repaired at home. It is also ideal for soundproofing space, but this is not the right option to insulate against severe weather conditions. When comparing costs, open-cell is much more economical.

A Review of Top Spray Foam Insulation Kits


The Dow Froth-Pak 620 is the perfect spray insulation for homes, out of all the spray insulation kits on the market. This closed-cell foam covers an area of up to 620 square feet, so you'll get plenty of coverage out of just one pack, even if it's a bit pricey. Nevertheless, that is not the only reason we named this as the homeowners' best spray foam insulation.

Closed-cell spray foam is suitable for use with heavy-duty insulation. Whether you're insulating a wall or filling nooks and crannies with it, this sealant foam kit includes everything you need to do the job. It can be used on a wide array of interior and exterior projects requiring a 2" thick and 4" long spray current.

Not only are you insulating but you are also protecting against mould by eliminating unwanted airflow. The kit comes with a lubricating jelly, which helps prevent blockages of the hose while in operation. The only downside besides the high cost of the Dow Froth-Pak 620, is that the tanks are not recyclable. Although this is bad for eco-friendly insulators, the expense of easy application and quality foam is a small price to pay.

Dow Froth Pak 650

This spray foam kit can accommodate a six hundred and fifty square feet coverage area and is one of the most dynamic closed-cell spray foam kits, as it is ideal for air sealing, expansion joints, holes, and cavity filling. The 6.5 R-value is high enough to halt energy loss by every 1 inch of thickness.

The ample coverage space is just one of the reasons why this is the best home insulation spray foam package. Another good thing is that it is possible to restart and reuse the package for up to 30 days from initially starting to use it.

That means you don't have to complete the whole insulation project in one go. You can break it up into multiple sessions based on a timeline that works for you. The whole idea behind closed-cell Dow Froth products is to minimise home air filtration which can lead to energy loss and growth of moulds. The DFP 650 does exactly that.

It is an industry-leading adjustable dispensing device that is extremely user-friendly, particularly for those homeowners or DYIers who have never before worked with spray foam.

Similar to the 620, the 650 is high in cost but thanks to its energy efficiency and large coverage area, it is absolutely worth it. There is only one complaint about the chemical distribution: some customers have said the nozzles do not distribute the chemicals from the tanks evenly.

Foam It Green 602

The Foam It Green 602 is another of the best closed-cell spray foam packs. This kit is intended for first-time users, so you don't need any experience to use the Foam It Green kit effectively, although it has a wide coverage area.

It is fully mould-resistant, resistant to pests and is fire-retardant, all while sealing air for full insulation. The 602 kit has an impressive R-value of 7, which means you can count on it down the road for decades. It can cover a surface area of just over 600 square feet with a 1" thickness of cured foam.

When it comes to included accessories, Foam It Green goes all out. With seventeen accessories, including protective goggles, gloves, and nozzles, it comes with everything you could need for insulation. The variety of nozzle sizes means you have full control over the size of the spray flux.

There have been a few complaints, however, that at first, even spraying can be challenging. Also, you should note that spraying lavishly can lead to dripping, so apply the foam sparingly.

Tiger Foam E-84 Fast Rise 200

Tiger Foam is often regarded as one of the best brands for spray foam insulation, particularly for homeowners who don't need a massive 600+ square feet of cover. The Tiger Foam E-84 is a top choice for the best spray foam kit, if you're looking for something in the 200 square feet range.

The thing which makes Tiger Foam so special, is that it has the highest R-value in the industry. If you thought the Dow Froth 650 was fine at 6.5 you should fall head over heels for the 7.0 R-value of E-84. The E-84 closed-cell spray foam is highly efficient. It easily expands, dries quickly and comes with recyclable tanks which you can dispose of easily. It will save a whopping 40% on energy loss, and the initial expense is not outrageous. Besides the fact that this is not ideal for large areas, the chief drawback is that at first the spray gun is hard to use, although after several minutes of spraying, you can get used to it.

Tiger Foam Quick Cure 600

If you like what Tiger Foam has to offer but you need a quality spray foam kit which can handle a large space, consider Fast Cure 600. This is a closed-cell solution with a high R-value, it is easy to use with all the application tools included, and the process of curing couldn't be quicker.

Because it covers three times the area of the E-84 200, the price is considerably higher, but that is intended for a range of 600 square feet. The best attribute of QC 600 is its fast curing time.

Unfortunately, the Quick Cure doesn't come with a lubricating jelly, so you'll have to use some kind of lubricant to prevent the hoses from building up and clogging. It's also recommended that you be vigilant when spraying. If you push the spray gun handle too hard, the foam can dispense very quickly and can be difficult to manage. A helpful tip is to press only part-way down the click.

Touch ‘n Seal 4004520300

Spray insulation projects do not necessarily have to be expensive, particularly with the Touch ‘n Seal Insulating Foam Kit. Not only will it save you time, but with the Touch ‘n Seal, you'll also save on package costs. The cost is lower than other kits on this list but bear in mind that it also has a smaller coverage area of 300 square feet.

This open-cell sealant doesn't have the same high R-value as closed-cell products. But that's okay, particularly for homeowners who stand to gain from applying an open-cell foam. This foam offers the highest expansion rate and handling it is effortless, so first-time users shouldn't have any trouble when applying it.

Besides being sealed, this spray foam package helps prevent the penetration of allergens. If you're allergy sensitive, this is a great choice to reduce airborne irritants. Nonetheless, if you have severe weather conditions in your area, you'll want to go with a more lightweight closed-cell foam.

How can you Apply Spray Foam Properly ?

More than just insulating your home from cold, you can use the best spray foam insulation kits for various other purposes. There are many ways to use your new spray foam kit to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, so don’t avoid spraying it along your walls. The key is to get imaginative.

The first move in using the insulation kit with spray foam is to take the time to go through the user manual. The primary issue is your safety and health. Therefore, it is imperative to have appropriate ventilation and use protection equipment, as well as a pair of protective eyewear and a respirator for the job.

When you’re fully prepared, the next thing is to examine the temperature of the surface on which you’ll spray, as well as the foam tank temperature. Both should range between sixty and eighty degrees F. You should also clean the spraying surfaces so that they are free of debris, dust, and dirt.

Ifspray — Suppliers of the Best Spray Foam Kits in the UK

Are you wondering why your heating bills are so high? Do you struggle to keep your house cool during summer? This could be due to a lack of insulation. If we don’t insulate our homes adequately, we find that in the winter, draughts could get into the house, and in the summer, cool, air-conditioned air escapes. To prevent it, a more thermally efficient sanctuary can be created with spray foam insulation.

Ifspray is a proven leader in providing homeowners and contractors with spray foam accessories, supplies, and kits alike. We provide spray foam insulation kits that operate in both large and small spaces. Our mission remains the same, to provide our clients with high-quality products and services.

We serve the whole of the UK: from the coast of the North Sea down to the South Coast on the English Channel. We have spray foam installers in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Coventry, Southampton, Portsmouth, Kirklees, Stockport, Sandwell, Leicester, Plymouth, and every other part of the United Kingdom.

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One of the most commonly asked questions about spray foam insulation is if it can be left completely unprotected. There is no black and white response; it depends on the situation. Leaving spray foam exposed is not necessarily dangerous but many homeowners feel that it is unattractive to look at. However, if the area that has been sprayed is exposed to direct sunlight, covering the foam to prevent deterioration is a good idea.

The price differences between the products do not really have to do with quality but more with the extent of the coverage area. When you compare the Dow Froth Pak products to the Tiger Foam E-84, you’ll see a major price difference but this is because the Dow Froth offers six hundred square feet or more, while E-84 offers just two hundred square feet of coverage. Just remember, that cheaper does not always mean better for those working with a strict budget.

It varies depending on the climatic conditions in your location and the surface you are going to spray.  Open-cell foam does not withstand moisture adequately, so installing a vapour barrier is often a smart option.