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What is Trustpilot?

Reviews help customers make more informed buying decisions, help you build a better business, and stand out from the crowd. Trustpilot is the leading 3rd party review provider in the UK, offering a global open online review community for businesses. Its features include custom automated emails asking customers to post reviews and follow-up emails for customers who have left their shopping carts or made purchases. 

The platform also offers real-time customer rating analytics, a custom profile page, and embedded widgets known as TrustBoxes that show real-time reviews on retailers’ websites. The platform provides the ability to respond publicly to customer reviews as well as native Facebook and Twitter integration tools. 

Trustpilot was launched in 2007 when companies hadn’t yet recognized the power of customer reviews. Facebook and Twitter were still in their infancy. As social media began to grow rapidly, control shifted from brands to consumers very quickly. Trustpilot is now the leading rating company for online shoppers. Trustpilot differs from other online review sites due to its transparency. The company’s 27-strong trust and transparency department has set itself the goal of ensuring the trustworthiness of checks with tools and strategies to combat abuse and fake checks.

Why Should You Choose TrustPilot?

  • By adding the TrustBox to your site, site visitors can see the live feed of people reviewing your service and what they say. 
  • You will also receive a customer satisfaction certificate for your reviews, which can be displayed with the TrustBox. 
  • If your Trustpilot review appears next to your Google listing, the click-through rate could be increased by 17percent. Google seller ratings are based on an average of the ratings from the list of trusted online review sites, one of which is Trustpilot. 
  • Using Trustpilot’s analytics data for your reviews, businesses can determine which customers are most interested in their business and use the results to define brand pillars. 
  • Trustpilot has notification tools that can be used to distribute important review information to people in the company based on certain criteria. For example, a review of a particular service notifies the manager of that particular service or department. 
  • You can easily collect customer reviews through the automatic feedback service, which eliminates the slight awkwardness that is particularly noticeable when starting a business and asking reviews. Consumers also feel more comfortable when they can respond honestly to a third-party system.

Is Trustpilot Ideal for Your Company?

We all did it. We bought something, used a service, and experienced poor customer service. The thing is that people only tend to check a service if they have had a bad experience. We are less likely to want to tell the world about our good experiences. You used to have to write a letter to complain to the company, and you were often disappointed with little feedback. In today’s world, however, you can easily make your experience visible to all future customers on a public platform. As a consumer, this is great and often produces results.

How Does a Trustpilot Score Affect Business?

Trustpilot is GOOD for businesses because it encourages them to improve their services and show the areas where improvement is needed. We only want a little more from Trustpilot when we report wrong or fraudulent reviews because some of them are really unfair and harmful.           Reviews help customers make more informed purchasing decisions; they help you build a better business and stand out from the crowd. Trustpilot is the leading 3rd party review provider in the UK.


  • 58% of the reviews that Trustpilot have flagged about their own company are positive; 37% are negative, and 5% are neutral. 
  • In fact, my research shows that businesses are 33 times more likely to flag a negative Trustpilot review than a positive review.
  • Approximately 60% of all flagged reviews are removed from the Trustpilot platform. 
  • For example, 75% of the reviews flagged by Parcelforce are placed back online by Trustpilot and found not to be in breach.
  • 95% of the reviewed businesses also happen to be advertisers with Yell. 
  • In fact, of the 9 million reviews posted on the Trustpilot UK website, 75% are 4 or 5-star reviews.
  • This amounts to 57% of all reviews written. 
  • Trustpilot: the vast majority of companies use us for free, and a small number of companies pay us for additional services such as automated sending of invitations and consumer insight collection. 
  • From the reviews on (the company our case study invested in currently) 18% are 1-star negatives where consumers do exactly this: they share their poor experiences both with the company and other consumers.