Underfloor Insulation Prevents Draughts and Cold Floors

Underfloor Insulation Prevents Draughts and Cold Floors

After your roof and walls have been insulated, the next thing you will naturally turn to is your floors, and with good reason. Approximately 15% of household heat is lost through the floor, making it one of the top three priority areas to insulate in order to ensure that your home is as effectively insulated as it can be. Spray foam is an innovative insulating material that is sprayed directly onto timber or concrete floors of a building.

Our underfloor insulation product consists of millions of microscopic cells that insulate simultaneously while providing an air-seal that eliminates draughts. Spray foam is installed in liquid form which expands into a foam, curing and solidifying in seconds and creating an insulation barrier of approximately 100 mm.

Insulate the floor properly and make draughts and a lack of heat a thing of the past. Contact us today at Ifspray for a professional underfloor insulation solution with spray foam.

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Will Spray Foam Insulation Make Floors Warm ?

Heat travels upwards, meaning that the question of a cold floor won’t be solved by simply turning the thermostat up. Think underfloor insulation to get to the heart of that problem.

Reduce your heating bills, cut out draughts and walk comfortably through your house, thanks to Ifspray UK underfloor insulation.

Our solution of polyurethane spray foam (Icynene) is suitable for floor insulation. Unlike conventional insulating materials which have to be patched in a haphazard way, our products are made fully to eliminate all holes or air leaks, as it binds directly to the floor where it stays for the lifetime of the building.

Our floor insulation provides numerous benefits: lower heating costs, greater noise reduction and a more comfortable environment – all provided by a one-for-all approach engineered to achieve results over the lifetime of your property.

We supply underfloor insulation in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Coventry, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton, etc. In fact, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom: from the North Sea Coast down to the English Channel on the South Coast.

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Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Many underfloor heating systems have polystyrene boards insulating them. Such boards have to be clamped tightly and smoothly against each other to insulate effectively.

Any contractor can tell you that this is a job which is almost impossible.

Not only that, but should one of the boards gets damaged and split or crack, the heat seal is broken and lost. Coldness will then leak from below through these splits and cracks, draining warm indoor air as it draws heat from your underfloor heating pipes.

Closed-cell spray foam is often used when incorporating an underfloor heating system into the house.

The spray foam does not disintegrate, shrink or settle, and is long-lasting once installed. Unlike most conventional insulation materials, it maintains its efficiency over the lifetime of the building, without any loss of R-value.

Spray foam underfloor insulation should be installed by a fully certified and approved professional, such as Ifspray UK.

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Perfect for Underfloor Sound Insulation

When you insulate your floorboards with spray foam, you can ensure that your property complies with the very latest in soundproofing building regulations.

While the regulations differ on the floor content, the new rules of 2003 and 2010 usually stipulate that all new building properties (or those that have been converted) follow certain floor soundproofing requirements.

If noise is created upstairs it has to move through the floorboards and the cavity, and then the ceiling before it reaches you.

If, however, a thick layer of spray foam is applied to the area between the floor and the ceiling below it, the sound is absorbed and diluted, creating more comfortably soundproofed conditions for the room.

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Underfloor insulation is an efficient way to reduce leaks, prevent heat loss, inhibit air penetration and monitor the interior temperatures of your property. This will keep the entire home warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer.

While some materials are better at doing this than others, having underfloor spray foam insulation in your home can reduce your annual heating and cooling costs significantly. Also, the insulation materials protect your home against moisture, mildew and mould.

Not only does the consistency of the spray foam enable it to expand effectively and fill the entire cavity between the floor and adjacent ceiling but the polyurethane foam bonds during installation to the surrounding building structures thereby making it structurally more sound as well.

This also means it will remain in place for the lifespan of the building and will not age, change, or degenerate.