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Insulate Your Warehouse

It is possible to retro-fit warehouses and cold stores to reduce the carbon footprint of a facility, increase its value and lower energy costs.

Effective insulation is at the heart of this process, which provides improved efficiencies across all facets of the warehouse-related storage activities.

The advantages of insulating your warehouse are numerous: you will enjoy greater temperature control and its related energy savings; a warmer winter climate and a cooler one when outside temperatures rise; no more condensation; and the entire foam seal covers all cracks, and prevents draughts and leaks.

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When it comes to insulation in warehouses, there are a number of techniques that can work, each with its pros and cons.

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Which Insulation is Best for Warehouses ?

Spray foam in various buildings, commercial, residential, agricultural and warehousing is used to great effect. Whether you are repairing and refitting an old warehouse or building a new one, sprayed foam is ideal because it provides seamless, efficient insulation which seals the roof from the inside.

The foam can be used on just about any surface or any form including corrugated sheeting, asbestos, metal and concrete used in warehouse construction.

Traditional insulation materials are unable to follow the contours of certain warehouse structures, making them difficult to apply, which creates air gaps that can lead to problems with condensation.

Neither do traditional insulation materials provide a good seal against rain or wind, but spray foam does all of that and more.

Since the early 1980s, spray foam insulation has been used widely in both new-built and existing structures for insulation and condensation purposes within the industrial and commercial spheres.

Spray foam insulation is a strong market leader with maximum insulation quality per volume, allowing for the modernisation of older commercial and industrial warehouses to meet stringent current requirements more easily than other insulating techniques.

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How does Warehouse Spray Foam Insulation Work ?

Spray foam insulation provides adequate insulation when it seals the interior surface of the roof.

Such a form of application adheres to nearly any surface at any angle, and is especially successful in the warehouse setting where traditional corrugated roofing is used.

The spray foam is sprayed in liquid form, directly onto the back of the sheeting, allowing the insulation to check for and seal any air leakage, minimise heat loss, reduce carbon emissions and save money on energy costs.

Large surface areas within the warehouse environment can be insulated quickly and with minimal disruption to and is safe around workers, stocks or machinery.

Our spray foam can also be used specifically to insulate ventilation ducts in controlled temperature environments.

Spray foam is the most environmentally friendly and least water absorbent of all types of commercial insulation and is ideal for both large and small projects.

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What are the Benefits of Warehouse Spray Foam Insulation ?

Spray foam insulation is an insulation technique that is capable of insulating many commercial buildings including offices, warehouses and retail spaces.

It can be applied to metal, wood and even stonework.

Benefits include:

  • Saving energy consumption for heating or refrigeration
  • Eliminates winter heat loss and summer heat gain
  • A full foam seal that prevents dust from being blown into the structure through holes
  • The foam sealant prevents water escaping into the foundation of the warehouse
  •   The advantage of the foam is that it binds metal sheets and asbestos sheets together, this is useful in strong winds and also acts as an anti-theft measure
  • Controls condensation.

With spray foam, it is easy to raise the energy efficiency of existing buildings to meet the building regulations of today.

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